Take Inventory On You!

Who are you and what are you all about?

The first step in determining what you want to do at home on your computer is to take inventory on You!

What makes you tick? What fits with your personality? What’s going to work for you in your “special” situation? Ok. Here’s what I want you to do. Go get a piece of paper and pen and jot down the answers to the questions I’m about to ask you. After you go through them you should have a pretty good idea what you might enjoy. Because whatever you do you want to have fun and enjoy it , right? Are you ready? Let’s go!

1. What are your hobbies?

2. What do you like to do in your spare time?

3. What makes you really happy?

4. What makes you sad?

5. Do you keep a journal or write down your thoughts?

6. Do you like to write?

7. Do you like to talk?

8. When you find a good restaurant or see a good movie are you excited to tell friends about it?

9. What are your gifts and talents?

10. What gives you a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment?

11. When was a specific time where you felt fulfilled or when you had a big accomplishment?

12. What are your strengths?

13. What are your weaknesses?

14. Are you creative or cut and dry?

15. Are you self-disciplined or lazy?

16. Are you a detailed person?

17. Is the cup half full or half empty?

18. Are you a daydreamer? (I used to get in trouble for this all the time in school as a child!)

We’re more than half done!

19. Are you interested in good nutrition and better health?

20. Do you like to send people a card just because?

21. Are you a “people person” or do you like to stick to yourself and family?

22. Do you consider yourself a teachable person?

23. Do you like to learn new things?

24. Are you more of a leader or a follower?

25. Are you patient or do you want to see results NOW?

26. Be specific. How much money do you want to make per month? per year?

27. Let’s be realistic. How much time do you really have? Do you have 8 – 10 hours a week you can commit to working from home? This is good for starters.

28. Are you looking to “get rich quick” or are you willing to do the steps it takes to make honest money? ( If your answer is “get rich quick” then you are in the wrong place. There’s lot’s of scams to choose from on the internet. It ain’t here though! :) )

29. Have you ever written down what you believe your purpose is in life? Knowing that, will give you a clearer picture of who you are.

30. What are you passionate about?

OK! That should keep you busy for a while! I hope that after going through these questions you have a better picture of who you are and what you might enjoy doing.

Check back often! I have soooo much I can’t wait to share with you! My notebook is running over! I have many specific “work from home” opportunities I want to tell you about. Now that you have a better handle on You, it should be fun choosing what’s right for you!

Remember, I’m here for you if you want to shoot me an email or give me a call!

Abundantly yours!


Please share your comments below!

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