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Inspiring Primary Caregivers in their day to day lives as they take care of their loved one. And helping them Find ways to work from home and be successful on the internet whether  ”Stuck” at home by choice or circumstance.

Are you a caregiver to a handicapped spouse, elderly parent,or special needs child and find it difficult or impossible to leave home to go to work but need to make income?

Are you a disabled person whose physical circumstances keep you at home but you want to or need to make money?

Are you someone who already has a business but desires to get a presence on the internet?

Do you have a Network Marketing business, are tired of the old ways of working your business and would like to know how to work it on the internet?

It is my sincere desire to help you find just the exact , right, perfect way to earn money from home on the internet if that is what YOU desire!

My name is Dayna Camp. I am a stay at home, work from home, mom of 5, and caregiver to our special needs son. Because of my “special” circumstances and because I desired to stay home and homeschool my kids, I found it necessary to work from home. So for the past 20 years I’ve done just that whether is was through teaching piano in my home or starting my homebased business 14 years ago. But more recently, I’ve found a new and exciting way to work from home. The internet! It has been quite a thrilling journey!

At first, learning how to work on the internet was all about me and my family. But during this learning process my path has crossed so many people who needed to find something they could do from home too. My selfish internet beginnings have taken a sharp turn for the better! I now have a burning desire to share what I’ve learned with those who are also searching.

People Who Touched Me

It was people like my highschool friend, Linda, who helped me get my heart in the right direction. She suddenly found herself in the position of a caregiver to her brain injured husband. She hadn’t worked in years and now had to leave her husband for many hours a day to work a minumum wage job.

Parents of other special needs children have also helped me see that there is a great need to get this valuable information out. Take Debbie, for example, she is a single parent whose 23 year old son has Dystonia (a movement disorder my son also has). A few years ago she had to leave him alone in order to go clean houses and offices to make a living.

What about the dear people whom I’ve recently met who are homebound or unable to work outside their home because of their handicapped condition of Dystonia.

Then there is Barbara who is taking care of her elderly mother while working a very successful business from home on the internet.

Hence this blog!

What you will find here is:

1.  Someone who can truly relate to you in your day to day struggles and joys as a caregiver trying to work from home.

2. Help and guidance in finding the perfect work from home opportunity for you, with your own special talents, gifts, personality and desires.

3. Specific reviews and business suggestions you can do on the internet.

4. How to stay focused, balanced, determined, and positive with a “Can Do” attitude in the process.

5. Someone who is doing it successfully and is here to urge you on to overcome and know that you can do it too.

5. Much, much, more!


As you start your journey of working from home as a caregiver, you need to read the  ”5 Lessons For A Successful Home Based Business”. After reading this, you will have a clearer understanding of how you can make “working from home” work for you. Just fill out the form below and the first step will be sent to you right away.

Then, Call me!


Together, we will come up with a solution that’s right for you and your “special” situation. And don’t worry, I will help you every step of the way. Since I’ve been there, I know what it’s like not to know where to start. And now, one of my greatest desires is to help you succeed on the internet too!

Abundant regards!

Dayna Camp

aka. hopebuilder

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