Let The Journey Begin!

They’ve been simmering and bubbling like a pot of Alphabet Soup.

I’ve had ideas for a book for a long time. These ideas have recently turned into ideas for several books:

Special Needs

Family Issues, especially teenagers.

Inspirational and Quotes

Children’s Books

Over the years, when my husband and I talked about our financial state and brainstormed about bringing in more income I would often say half joking, half serious, “Why don’t you write a Best Selling book?!” It seemed reasonable that he be the one to write since He Was the English major, not me.

But over the past 4 years as I’ve started blogging here and there, I’ve come to realize that I actually enjoy putting my thoughts down. I’ve enjoyed finding creative ways to say things. I’ve enjoyed finding light and heartfelt ways to sometimes talk about delicate issues, especially relating to my faith and special needs parenting.

Therefore, I’ve come to realize that, although I might not become an actual “best selling author”, (though I wouldn’t refuse the title if it happened) I just may be the one who is to start our book writing adventure!


Before the pot boils over and I lose some of the juicy content, I’d better start ladling fast!


“Let The Journey Begin!”

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2 Responses to Let The Journey Begin!

  1. Beverly Borwick says:

    Very nice, Dayna!
    Beginning to begin – I’m looking forward to more prolific writing.

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