Jar, Rocks, Pebbles, Water: Making your “Work From Home” business work

I love the illustration of the Jar and the Rocks. It is perfect for our Work From Home business.

The jar is our life. First the large rocks are placed in the jar. They represent the most important and non-negotiable things in our lives which would be our family, work, faith.

Then smaller rocks are added and they slip in between the larger rocks and they represent important things to us but not the non-negotiable things.

Smaller and smaller rocks keep being added until it seems there is absolutely no more room in the jar, representing the less important things in life.

When it seems that nothing else could possibly fit into the jar, Water is added. It slips into all the tiny crevices and cracks that we couldn’t see. This represent running our home business when life is so full. It is done in all the inbetween times where the cracks and crevices are.

And being ready with a laid out and purposeful plan will help to make those cracks and crevice times meaningful and productive.

Blessings to you as you search out just the right home business for your situation!



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2 Responses to Jar, Rocks, Pebbles, Water: Making your “Work From Home” business work

  1. Great Article! Look forward to more knowledge. In my honest opinion, real success starts within. Keep it up!

    Patrick DeMasi

  2. Debra says:

    I’ve always loved that jar/rock/pebbles analogy and use it with my kids to demonstrate life…the important things like rocks are family, health, …then the pebbles are school, sports, vacations,hobbies etc…and STILL we have room for more when we add sand
    ( smaller hobbies, etc ) and then the water ( often the icing on the cake!)

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