How to Build an Online International Business from Home

Are you like one of the millions of people who are searching online for an international business they can do from home?

Or are you wanting to add an additional stream of income in this down economy?

Maybe you need to find a business you can successfully do from home because you are a special needs parent like me or you are a caregiver for a loved one.

Or maybe, also like me, you already have a business at home but want to find ways to get that business online successfully where people from all over the world can find you.

That is where I found myself 5 years ago…

I had (and still have) a thriving network marketing business but wanted desperately to find a way to expand it by using the internet.

Which end is up?

Learning how to build my business online was easier said than done!

First of all, I had no idea where to turn, where to start, who to help me…

I finally ran into a group of people who talked about Attraction Marketing, where you are attracting people to you who want what you have. That was exactly what I wanted to do!

But the process of doing that would take a lot of work and time! For most people, it involved a huge learning curve about a lot of html gobbledee gook mumbo jumbo.

I’ve certainly bought my fair share of products from the “internet gurus” hoping to learn yet another “secret” to springboard my internet success.

It boils down to these key elements:

1. You must have a blog to start branding YOU first,  and then your business.

2. You need a lead capture system, so that people can “opt-in” and let you know that they are interested.

3. You need to create ongoing content regularly on you blog whether it’s written, audio or video.

4. You want to meet and start building relationships with people through Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and forums.

The “Do it Yourself “option…

If you want, you can do it yourself by starting and building your own blog through wordpress.

There are tons of tutorial all over the internet. But you must be sure to self-host your blog through a hosting site like Hostgator or you may find one day that your blog has up and disappeared. Self hosting also gives you much more flexibility with your blog.

Be sure to also purchase a domain name through a place like go or Mad Dog .

Then there’s the auto responder. You can get that through any number of autoresponer  places.  Most of them have tutorials on their site about how to set it up.

The “Do it with Help”,  ”Earn as you Learn” option:


you use a system that is more of a “plug and play” system through the Pure Leverage Tools Suite. This a great way to get people TRAINED, and out there more quickly! It even  has an income opportunity associated with it.

Internet Marketing is the new economy, and people are desperately seeking a solution to a downward economy; looking for a solid business. And many want to leverage this amazing TOOL called the internet to build not only locally, but also on a international basis. But how to do that?

Very few people will get the chance to unveil “The Secrets” to really making money online successfully.

Since the Spring of 2008, I’ve been learning how to build my business online and have had a passion of teaching others how to build the business of their dreams…online. It can be a challenge, right? You probably know that.

I was taught to develop a site/blog; build a list and begin to build relationships and over time, you will attract and sponsor your target market. And, that is what I am doing.

My goal is to educate you on the ins and outs of the Internet Marketing industry, while allowing you to earn while you learn. Whatever your primary program.

Through my association with a high end, leveraged training and online tools company, you can build a international business without giving up anything you are currently doing. Use the tools to promote your current business, or promote the program itself and build internationally!

That’s what I am doing. I have a primary Network Marketing company that I build, and it is open in over 50 countries, currently. And, I expand my business and my reach through Pure Leverage, offering anyone, anywhere the tools they need to build online, as well as a business to earn income with.

This training and tools platform provides each member with an Internet Marketing “Tools Suite” that allows you to get started in 15 minutes or less, sharing what you are “Passionate & Knowledgeable” about. The things that confuse so many people getting started online are taken care of with this product.

This “Tools Suite” encompasses everything you need to get started making money on-line quickly!

- An Authority Blog (completely set up & ready for YOU to add YOUR content)

- A full fledged “Turn Key” Autoresponder so you can follow up with your prospects, customers and contacts like a pro!

- Fully Hosted Webinar Software start broadcasting to the world 24/7, it’s like having your own TV Station.

- Video Hosting & Recording Software. have your video live with a few clicks of a mouse.

- Video Email – yep we have that too!

This same blog platform is set up to also market for you to your website visitors,
allowing them to learn more about our program through high converting ads that
will be housed on your blog.


For anyone that joins as your referral, you will get paid very well. The payout is a 100% commission, which can easily add up to a very lucrative additional stream of income for you.

How This Benefits You as you learn how to Build An International Business Online?

#1: You’ll be in the company of Internet Marketing gurus (we like to say ‘Do’rus, as they are really making a living on-line) you have access to all their strategies used to make 5 and 6 figure incomes online. REALLY!

#2: You’ll make money despite your lack of knowledge about the industry by following the lead of various experts that share their marketing strategies.

#3: You get a shortcut to success by not having to do everything and figure everything out by yourself.

#4: You’ll have mentors that can show you the ropes.

#5: You can leverage what you learn to begin branding yourself online, which will help you attract others who view you as a leader.

The benefits of this program are endless. The key is getting started ASAP so you can tap into a network of professionals that want to see you succeed.

AND… start generating 100% commission payouts, if that interests you!

You can learn more right NOW.

If this post was helpful to you, please share and like it!

To your online success!

Dayna Camp

p.s. You can join me and many others working from home online.

Click the button below to see how and to learn from me!

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