Does Your Home Office Work?

What is your home office like?

More importantly, does it work for you?

Knowing what works for you in your home office is the first step to being productive.

As family caregivers, we live our lives “at the ready”. We never know when duty will call and we need to be at the side of our loved one who needs us. Operating a home business will go so much more smoothly if we are able to maintain some type of order in our home office.

Most people find it nearly impossible to concentrate in a messy office. I have some friends who absolutely cannot start anything until their surroundings are put in order. Me? I’d never get anything done if I had to have everything in complete order. But I do find that I can concentrate better if there is some form of order to my home office and desk.

As you can see, my home office multi-tasks. It is also my piano studio and our living room. So I have to keep it reasonably straight since people are coming in and out throughout the week.

Keeping order also helps the stress/peace ratio which is so important for a family caregiver. If my surroundings are chaotic, I find myself irritated at my family and not as patient with my son with special needs.

Keeping some reasonable order also helps you get right back to where you left off, when you needed to drop everything and help your loved one.

Choosing where to have your home office is a crucial decision too. You might want to think again if you think the kitchen would be a good place to have your home office. Because I get on important calls and webinars often and because I’m a very auditory person and am easily distracted by sounds, I need to be able to shut off the rest of the house occasionally. Since the doors are glass I’m not totally shut off.

These are just a few points that I hope will help you on your way to great success in your Work from Home business!



aka. hopebuilder

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