Declare Your Freedom!

How do YOU declare YOUR Freedom?

What are your dreams and goals?

Today is the 4th of July, our Independence Day in the United States. So Happy 4th to you who live in the US of A!

Declare YOUR Freedom.

I know you have difficult situations in your life. Everyone does.

But I want to tell you…

Don’t let your “difficult” circumstances dictate your dreams and goals!
Many times we allow our difficult situation to be our excuse not to build a business, not to go after our dreams and goals. We let them die and assume that we will never be able to have them.


Instead, Declare your Freedom! Let those difficulties be your REASONS to succeed and to “get your hiney” off the chair.

I understand difficult.

I’m a parent of a special needs child and I have other issues in the family going on that don’t need to be out in public but I refuse to let these become my excuses not to reach for my dreams and goals for my family. I refuse to pout and whine.

I understand that sometimes you have to set down your “work” aside for a short time in order to handle exceptionally hard circumstances but don’t let it be forever! Don’t let that be long term.

When you are the boss, it’s easy to be too lenient and give yourself all kinds of excuses.

When things get tough at home or whatever, ask yourself,

“If I give in to my emotions or difficult situation and give myself a lot of slack, where will I be a year from now, 3 years from now, 5 years from now?”

Now I know that sometimes there are unusual circumstances like a death in the family or a serious illness, and you have to allow for these times. But how fast will you get back in the saddle?

When my mom passed away 4 years ago I was devastated! We were very close. I sobbed at the drop of a hat for that whole first year. But I also knew I had to keep going.

So again I say to you…
Declare Your Freedom today!

Happy 4th!

Be blessed! Be inspired!

Dayna Camp

The Work from Home Caregiver

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2 Responses to Declare Your Freedom!

  1. You’re so right. We need to divorce mundane problems from the important things in life. Today will never come again. I mean to make the best of it.

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