5 Power Words to live by

I wonder if you have these 5 Power Words in your daily vocabulary.

Do you need to increase your vocabulary?

We often sabotage our success by the words we use and our thoughts. They are either keeping you in a prison or setting you free. For example, how often do you find yourself saying, “I can’t”?

I’m going to share with you 5 Power Words you need to add to your daily vocabulary to increase your success and to enjoy your life more. (These power words along with a lot of other great training is in our Team Overcomers.)

But first, check out this list of words you should eliminate and click the delete button in your mind.

Number 1 on the toxic word list :

Try. “Well at least I tried.” or “I’ve tried blogging or network marketing or (fill in the blank) and it didn’t work.” or “I’ll give it a try.”

Number 2 on the black list:

Maybe. When you say “maybe” you are having one foot already out the door. “Maybe I will be able to… get on stage, get that car, go on that trip, reach that goal. Maybe things will work out. By say “maybe” you are opening the door to “it won’t work” and “it probably won’t happen.”

Number 3 on the “bad” word list:

But. Do you know what that word does to all the other words before it? It puts a big red scratch  through any words that came before it. “I want to succeed but… (whatever excuse you have) For the person who always uses this word, “It” will never happen.

Number 4 of the “bad boys”:

Tomorrow. Unlike the song “Tomorrow” from Annie, using the word tomorrow when it relates to your business and your goals and dreams, is not a positive word. Basically we are saying “When I get around to it.”  That’s also like saying, “When I finish this project” or “When we get this ….. done, then I’ll start my business or then I’ll really get geared up to start.” Do you think that  ”tomorrow” will help you reach your goals?

Number 5 of the no-nos:

Can’t. I’ve heard many parents say to their children  ” “Can’t” isn’t part of the vocabulary in this house!” I think that’s a good way to raise our children and start instilling positive thinking into them. But what about business? We need to delete “can’t” when it comes to our business and reaching our dreams and goals.

I hate to be such a downer! So let’s hurry up and get to the 5 Power Words we need to replace these icky “powerless” words with!

Watch this video a I talk about the 5 Power Words.

So, we need to replace the power-less words with these 5 Power Words:

(drumroll please!)

Power Words Number 1!

MUST!  - Instead of try.  When I say the word “must” it even feels like it will definitely happen!  Envision a whiney person and then  a strong, solid Viking. Which one do you think uses the word MUST?

Power Words Number 2!

I will! Not maybe. “I will reach my goal in 90 days!” “I will make a video a day in the 90 Day Video Challenge!” “I will be at the next event!”

Power Words Number 3!

And instead of but. Replace it. Yes, actually replace the word but for the word and.  Say the same sentence with “and” instead of where you said “but”. It’s so powerful!

Power Words Number 4!

Now instead of tomorrow. Today, not tomorrow.  It’s all about the speed of implementation.  Learn it, then do it!

And Power Words Number 5!

I CAN! Oh Yes I Can!! Instead of saying I can’t, ask,  ”How can I?”  Instead of saying, “I can’t go to … say, how can I get there and make it happen?” I can! Figure out what you really want and then go for it.

My friend Lawrence ran a half marathon as an asthmatic, and with a hurt ankle because he used these power words. His friends around him said he couldn’t. Even his own mind and body tried to tell him he couldn’t but he did!

Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right. – Henry Ford-

Which way do YOU want to be right?

Very powerful shifts will happen in your life when you change your negative words to power words.

Getting your mindset right is the first step to success in business and really enjoying your life! To get more great tips in a mental shift and mindset check out our online team training!

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Be blessed! Be inspired!

Dayna Camp

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